Quatuor IXI "Cixircle" (2011)

Quatuor IXI   "Cixircle"   (2011)

Régis Huby - Violon
Irène Lecoq - Violon
Guillaume Roy - Alto
Atsushi Sakaï - Violoncelle 


Quatuor iXi, created in 1994 by Guillaume Roy and Régis Huby, which

Irène Lecoq joined in 2003, starts a new phase with the incredible cellist,

Atsushi Sakai, a virtuoso of the baroque, classic and contemporary repertoire as well

as of improvised music. From his experience with classical string quartets, Atsushi

Sakai has drawn a taste for collective, long-term projects, working with the sound as

a « material », and of course, has also acquired an impressive instrumental expertise

(working on such a rich, two-century repertoire).

From his jazz quartet experience, he possesses a strong sense of rythmic

dynamics, and, above all, masters the art of improvisation, used here not in relation

from the main theme to the solo, but rather in a dialectical relationship between the

soloist and the other instruments. Quatuor iXi displays such a spontaneous virtuoso

precision in its compositions that it’s almost impossible to tell which parts are written

and which are improvised.

During its fifteen years of existence, Quatuor iXi has played over 400 concerts

and performed everywhere in Europe and other places.

Its last CD, “Cixircle” , produced by Abalone Productions, was just released.


1/ Cixircle (Régis Huby )   06:46

2/ Séquence 15 (Guillaume Roy ) 06:09

3/ Path Loss (Quatuor IXI ) 03:52

4/ Okina (Régis Huby ) 08:21

5/ Otto (Régis Huby ) 08:16

6/ Disconsonnance (Guillaume Roy ) 05:52

7/Controversy (Régis Huby ) 05:59

8/ News & Abstractions (Guillaume Roy ) 11:28


Durée Totale :  56:46


Enregistrement, Francois Casaÿs au Studio Guimick en Mars 2011  

Sauf "News & Abstractions" enregistré live par Jacques Vivante au "Triton" le 19 mai 2011

Mixage, François Casaÿs au Studio Accès Digital en juillet 2011 

Mastering,  Marwan Danoun (Marwan Manley Mastering) en Août 2011




Since its creation, Quatuor IXI, never stopped exploring improvised music and string quartet score in jazz music, leading jazz composer to write for this group.

Artists who played with Quatuor IXI :

Louis Sclavis, François Raulin, Dominique Pifarély
et François Couturier, Sound of Choice
(Hasse Poulsen, Frédrik Lundun  et Lars Juul),
Pablo Cueco, Pierrick Hardy, Antoine Hervé
et les frères Moutin,
Pierre Blanchard, Riccardo del Fra,
Joachim Kühn ... 

Artists who wrote for Quatuor IXI :

Pierrick Hardy, Denis Colin, Antoine Hervé,
Dominique Pifarély, Jean Philippe Watremez,
François Raulin, Riccardo del Fra,
Manuel Villarroël, Jean Claude Asselin, Joachim Kühn ...           

Since its creation in 1994 Quatuor IXI recorded 4 C.D and played more than 150 concerts both in France and abroad ( Autriche, Belgique, Danemark, Finlande, Italie, Israël, Portugal, Suède, Suisse, Venezuela... )

Of a “classical” string quartet, they have the taste for collective long-drawn-out work, the attachment to the sonorous paste and musical matter and, obviously, the instrumental science which finds its strength in more than two centuries of repertory.
Of a jazz band, they possess the sense of rhythmic dynamics and, most of all, the art of improvisation, that they don't use here in the connection of the theme with the solo, but in the dynamic relationship between the soloist and the other voices.
Violinists Régis Huby and Irène Lecoq, violist Guillaume Roy and cellist Alain Grange did not choose the easiest way.
Through eleven years of passionate work, Quatuor IXI succeeded in finding a new way, where jazz adventure joins the experience of contemporary music, where scores skillfully melt with improvisation, where the group knows how to tighten without crushing the individual.
We knew France was a land of string jazz; a tradition of great violinists, from Warlop and Grappelli to Pifarély is the evidence. The epic goes on with Quatuor IXI, intrepid pioneers in a music universe that is still untouched and full of promises.
Arnaud Merlin